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About Warwick Ice Cream

The Warwick Ice Cream Story, the beginning.

Warwick Ice Cream was founded originally as Warwick Milk, a dairy farm by Charlie Bucci in 1930. He had four sons and a daughter. The three eldest sons were deaf and in those days there was no employment and education for the handicapped. Charlie decided he could teach and educate his sons through working the family business, and this was not just an opportunity for himself but for his entire family. His plan worked! They were employed for all their lives and became successful, despite their adversity, eventually being able to own houses and raise families.

The ice cream business came about when they were creating the milk, they realized that they had a lot of cream left over. Charlie and his sons started a little store in front of the dairy farm in 1932. In 1940, the company evolved into a full service ice cream parlor and restaurant operation. People came from all over Rhode Island to visit Warwick Ice Cream because it was a unique concept and quite advanced for its time. In the mid 1950’s, Charlie’s youngest son, Jerry Bucci Sr., took over the business. In the early 60s, they decided to give full attention to the ice cream production. Warwick Ice Cream started selling to the Navy, submarines, and air bases with government contracts. This was the beginning of Warwick Ice Cream as an ice-cream company. Jerry Bucci Sr. ran it till 1977.

Charlie Bucci Sr.
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Warwick Ice Cream first opened its doors in June of 1935. It may not have been the flashiest "grand opening," but it certainly shows that big ideas often have the humblest beginnings.

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The new Warwick Ice Cream factory opened 1940.

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Flashback to the 1950's, the late owner Gerard Bucci Sr. (left) inspects his facility to make sure we are running in tip-top shape.

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The Warwick Ice Cream factory today

Next generation, until today.

In 1976 his eldest son Jerry Jr.’s original plan was to go to law school after college graduation from the University of Rhode Island. His father called him up to help out with Warwick Ice Cream. Jerry Jr. agreed to assist is father which eventually turned into Jerry Jr. taking over the family business for the third generation by 1978, along with Jerry Jr.’s younger brother, who is now the Vice President.

They would continue to run and grow the company into an international ice cream business with shipping to China. It clearly all worked out for the best. Jerry’s son Vincent and nephew Thomas Jr. are currently in training for the family business and will be the fourth generation owners to Warwick Ice Cream. Warwick Ice cream is the last ice cream company in Rhode Island. 

They still make their proprietary mixes from scratch. They buy all the raw organics and create it in their own factory to produce it. No one else in Rhode Island has that capability. They are unique because they are one of the few family businesses left and truly care about their clients. Since they are not a big corporation they have the ability to know all their customers and can tailor formulas and products to fit your needs.

Jerry Bucci