How We Make Ice Cream

Every Warwick ice cream flavor is unique…

and it’s not just what’s in it, but how it’s made that makes the difference. From a small yellow brick factory in Warwick, Rhode Island, each flavor is made on a single production line through a family proven process for deliciousness and high quality. Warwick Ice Cream is the only ice cream manufacturer in Rhode Island who makes ice cream from scratch.

The Process

  • It all starts with the family recipes, passed down through four generations.
  • We source local dairy from farms throughout New England.
  • Once the flavors are blended in our mixing tanks, we begin the manufacturing process in our 1940s Cherry Burrell ice cream freezers. These antique machines slow churn each flavor to achieve maximum creaminess. After the slow churning process, we carefully introduce unique ingredients into each flavor — cookie dough, premium nuts, and fruits.
  • At this point each delicious flavor is poured into its own container and is ready for the freezer. Then, hold on to your hat!
  • Each container travels along the conveyor belt into a hardening tunnel – something akin to the North Pole – with subfreezing temperatures and high wind velocity (Yes, we add wind to make it colder!) Here, temperatures plummet to 20 degrees below zero!
  • For up to 8 hours the ice cream endures some of the coldest temperatures on earth! This magical step helps to produce a smoother and creamier ice cream. (And yes, there are people at Warwick Ice Cream wearing parkas and hats in July – these ice cream makers are dedicated!)
  • Our family name is on every package, and our reputation is on the line with every scoop. Using the best ingredients and a proven process for making ice cream helps make sure you’ll always come back for more.