Our Story


Warwick Ice Cream was founded originally as Warwick Milk, a dairy farm by Charlie Bucci in 1930. He had four sons and a daughter. The three eldest sons were deaf and in those days there was no employment and education for the handicapped. Charlie decided he could teach and educate his sons through working the family business, and this was not just an opportunity for himself but for his entire family. His plan worked! They were employed for all their lives and became successful, despite their adversity, eventually being able to own houses and raise families.


When producing milk, they realized that they had a lot of cream left over. In 1932 Charlie and his sons started a store front serving ice cream. In 1940, the company evolved into a full-service ice cream parlor and restaurant operation. People came from all over Rhode Island to visit Warwick Ice Cream because it was a unique concept and quite advanced for its time. In the mid 1950’s, Charlie’s youngest son, Jerry Bucci Sr., took over the business. In the early 60s, they decided to give full attention to ice cream production. This was the beginning of Warwick Ice Cream as an ice-cream company.

Next generation and beyond.

With our 3rd generation soon to be enjoying the fruits of their labor. The fourth generation is poised to lead Warwick Ice Cream to the next chapter of our family’s story. Stay Tuned!